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When are you going to believe I have the ability
to bring into your life all the necessary tools
needed to fulfill My desires for you?
You work so hard and this need not be.
Trust that I will bring all things to you in due season.

I will not ask you to do more
than what I have prepared you for.
Please don’t minister in your own strength,
believing you need to prove yourself to Me.
You will burn out and dry up.

As your needs arise, seek My face and
you will receive My strength, direction and provision.
It grieves My heart, when you think you have to earn
what I freely want to give you. (Philippians 4:19)

Come to Me for all your needs.
My store house is overflowing.
I own everything that has any real value.
Do not be afraid of receiving
all that I have in store for you.

Oh, how good and joyous your life will be,
when you start truly believing I want to provide for you.
So many promises will be revealed to you
as you start to accept Me as your loving Father.
(Colossians 1:26)

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